A Husband's Role During Pregnancy

A Husband's Role During Pregnancy -
By Nestle Colangough

Your belly, clothed or not, is a personal space - sure there is someone inside you but that person is welcome. But to actually touch someone else's belly, one should ask before they do it and respect your answer.

They may be embarrassed because they gained a lot of pounds. Sometimes, it's simply because she likes more privacy. Throughout the stage of pregnancy, the majority of us wants to touch the mom's tummy to feel the baby. You may have already noticed that once a mother starts developing the baby, her tummy swells and everybody is ecstatic to touch it. Further information is accessible through Toronto fertility.

Immediately, the tummy becomes sort of a magnet that attracts everyone's interest. It doesn't matter if you are travelling in a store, sitting down in a bistro or walking on your own street, someone is bound to start rubbing all over it. Children may also want to touch the belly, normally because they know someone who has had a baby and they were able to do it. If you prefer not being touched, tell the children calmly and make them understand why. If you don't mind, you may want to place their hand on your belly. Make sure you guide them to your tummy instead of letting them do it themselves. Some children may get too excited and end up smacking your tummy.

If nothing seems to work, it's about time you ask your husband to start swatting. Husbands are sometimes good bodyguards, especially when you're pregnant. Afterall, you've given them a fair warning. Don't feel bad if you smack a person that lifts up your shirt in broad daylight either. It's perfectly normal to do that. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you no longer have a right for privacy. If you think you're getting nuts about it then take a look at your man. Sure he appears like a trooper but deep inside he's probably ready to put someone's lights out.

The first thing you should do is to ask him how he feels about it. Your husband may not really like the idea that other men are touching you, even if you're okay with it. He may not care if it is a female touching your body but he would mind the males. Think about how you would feel if you saw some woman rubbing her hands all over your husband's chest. Ask your husband to make an agreement with you. After all, you can't possibly have anybody touch your baby every time.

Aside from rubbing, other people likes poking on it. They wouldn't know how painful it is for the mother. Explain to them that poking causes pain to you and your baby. People may not think it hurts. Instead, they'd think you jumped because the baby kicked and not because of the pain. They may think twice before doing it again to you or anyone else.

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- A Husband's Role During Pregnancy

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